Monday, 30 December 2013

RTL Camera man

RTL visited the School I work in in early December to do some filming, to this day I unfortunately have no idea what show this was on, it was great though the kids were very relaxed and answered all the Questions of the Interveiwer very competently and with confidence (naturally some of the anwsers were "na ja ich weiss es nicht" but as one of their teachers I was very proud of them. About half an hour in the camera guy was just about covered in sweat from carrying the 30lb peice of equipment on his shoulder while running between school tables a great opportunity to sketch but I may never know the show in which I appear at the back of the room smiling at the kids and drawing
Happy new Year all 

A further look at travelling habits

The regional bahn ... still the best opportunity to get plenty of sketching done 
also like the striking dyed red hair

noch ein paar schlafenden Arbeiter

Tuesday, 24 December 2013

One last final check and We´re set to go 
Merry Christmas 

Monday, 16 December 2013

Last Saturday I managed to catch only the Questions and Answers section of Rafa Alvarez´s talk "illustrating with ipad" in the new Apple Store Berlin
due to christmas preparation panic. I found it very interseting none the less 
and was happy to get the opportunity to leaf through his great sketch book 
and do a sketch of my own.

Letzten Samstag habe ich nur die Fragen und Antworte teil von 
Rafa Alvarez Rede "illustrating with ipad" in der neu Apple Store Berlin geschafft zu sehen, 
wegen ein Verspätung von Weihnachts Vorbereitung, ich hab mich trotzdem gefreut, sein tolle 
skizzen buch zu sehen und auch der Möglichkeit zu haben selbst einer zu machen.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

kollegen, colleagues

Holiday                                                                                   Romina

collection sleeping workers on the train

Recently sketched sleeping workers and people on the train mostly on the 6.30am
Neulich skizziert schlafenden Arbeiter in denZug, meistens auf 7.30