Saturday, 22 March 2014


 In front of Karlshorst train station is a strangely situated fruit and veg shop with a great selection of wines to go with the natural fair. the area Karlshorst itself was the where all the major horse racing took place on the east side of Berlin during the time of the GDR. Shortly after the reunification in 1990 the track was closed and horse racing and big meets moved to other locations around Berlin. Today the land surrounding the track
and ultimately the track itself is prime real estate for developers who are throwing up houses there at a rate of knots.

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Shortest history of St Patrick in history

Dear Ireland can you please talk to Germany about making St Patricks day a national holiday, so I don't have to go to work tomorrow and can watch the parade on the internet wrapped in green white and gold, dat would be great tanks!!

Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Sketching the line (Canadian exhibition)

I am greatly honoured to have been one of thirteen artists selected to exhibit their work digitally on the Toronto, Calgary and Edmonton public transport systems in Canada. This digital exhibition of  international artists has been brought together and curated thanks to the hard work of Canadian artist Sharon Switzer under the auspices of ART IN TRANSIT

Six of my drawings from my travels to and from work in Berlin have been selected to be shown alongside some incredible artists. If anyone happens to be riding the sub-way in Toronto or waiting for a plane in Calgary you will get the opportunity to see it first hand. The exhibition runs from 4th March through to 16th April. It includes examples of drawings and sketches done on public transport systems by artists from New York, Berlin, Canada and England. Being the only Irish artist selected I'm happy to see the show can be seen on this coming St Patricks day!.


you can find out more about the exhibition by clicking here

Thursday, 6 March 2014

50 Danziger Strasse was the venue suggested by Katrin Merle of Berlin urban sketchers for a Wednesday evening jolly.This is the address where weekly life drawing sessions are held. honestly said the prospect of life drawing after such a long time avoiding the exercise was a bit daunting. The only practice that I've gotten in in recent years has been infrequent visits to the great sessions of Doctor sketchy's Dublin.The visits while very enjoyable, were too few and far between to retain any strong confidence on the subject (Dr sketchy's happens once a month). I always find it to be one of the biggest challenges of drawing, the attempt to be honest and true about the subject/person in front of you. here are the result of two frustrating 15 minute poses

After a malaise set over me, i've got to admit I gave up competing with my lack of hand to eye motor reflexes and started drawing the brave soldiers around me who remained steel willed to the task. below is my tribute to a few of  those who bravely 'went on without me'

what started life as a short sketch turned into one of those (I might add a little colour to that later when I get home) affairs.

As ever it all started with a little practice on the train

click here for the web addrs where you can find out more about these Berlin life drawing sessions.