Wednesday, 30 April 2014

from Berlin to Insel Rügen and back

This funky Barbarella looking lifeguard tower which over looks the Ostsee in Binz Rügen was designed by architect Ulrich Müther from Binz in 1968. Since 2004 It no longer functions as a lifeguard tower but was taken over by the local town council to be used as a location for registry office weddings. It makes you think as impractical as it may potentially be it's a shame more lifeguard towers couldn't look like this. More samples of Ulrich Müthers work are the Teepott in Warnemunde and the Musikpavillion Kurmuschel in Sassnitz. 

The current Binz lifeguard tower which you can see here I did a sketch of this past Christmas. While in keep with the architectural style of the small town it's a bit less concrete.

the journey back to Berlin was keep interesting  by this curious little fella.

Dublin for Easter

Sea food tagliatelle in the Oar restaurant in Howth with my aunt Pauline, cousin Kevin and mam was delicious and really enjoyable. We were there to celebrate Kevin's 51st Birthday on a sunny Dublin day while i was home for a few days over the Easter break catching up with family Friends and  

Then on Dublin bus I found it a lot more difficult sketching people who are in such close proximity in comparison to the space that you have on the Sbahn or regional Bahn in Berlin. Great week all told 

Friday, 11 April 2014

Turbine testing

A recent invitation from Thomas Lensky brought me to the AneCom turbine engine testing facility in Wildau Berlin. Upon arrival we were given a guided tour of the facility by Thomas's son Sven who works there, the place is fantastic for drawing, it has the feel of stepping on to the set of a Ridley Scott science fiction movie with it's a unending maze of wires buttons chambers tubes calibrators pistons and pumps. The sketch above which was done with the  felt tip markers shows what the  company refer to as the Obelix and Asterix. Obelix being the Blue monster to the left and asterix the more polished steel encasement for the turbine on the right. thanks Thomas for the opportunity to see this great place.

Sunday, 6 April 2014

Thursday, 3 April 2014

Berlin Philharmonie

the Berlin Philharmonie are currently running a series of free lunch time concerts every Tuesday lunchtime. The week before last I was hoping to catch up with a group of urban sketchers there but was delayed. I arrived at the Philharmonie 5 minutes late and was promptly told "lunchtime concert is full" and got the door swiftly closed on me. The hall has a capacity of two thousand and there are always plenty of people prepared to sit on the stairwell as can be seen in this sketch which I managed to do after I turned up last week with friend Katrin half an hour too early.