Wednesday, 30 April 2014

from Berlin to Insel Rügen and back

This funky Barbarella looking lifeguard tower which over looks the Ostsee in Binz Rügen was designed by architect Ulrich Müther from Binz in 1968. Since 2004 It no longer functions as a lifeguard tower but was taken over by the local town council to be used as a location for registry office weddings. It makes you think as impractical as it may potentially be it's a shame more lifeguard towers couldn't look like this. More samples of Ulrich Müthers work are the Teepott in Warnemunde and the Musikpavillion Kurmuschel in Sassnitz. 

The current Binz lifeguard tower which you can see here I did a sketch of this past Christmas. While in keep with the architectural style of the small town it's a bit less concrete.

the journey back to Berlin was keep interesting  by this curious little fella.

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