Wednesday, 22 October 2014

Organ grinders alive and well

Organ Grinders, (or "Leierkasten", "Lyre cabinet" men as they are referred to in German) are alive and well on the streets of Berlin but their monkeys have been stuffed. Here's one spotted recently on the train looking absolutely spiffing old chap.

taking a well deserved reading break

 Perhaps it is all in a name. I used to see organ grinders in Dublin when I was growing up but they are now a thing of the distant past, no longer to be seen. The name "Organ grinder" has negative connotations, and has had for quite some time. Where as It wouldn't necessarily bother if me if I heard the 'Lyre cabinet' man was coming around the corner... even if he was dressed very similar to Otto von Bismark...

'Lyre cabinet' man in front of Alexanderplatz station with a stuffed monkey

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