Monday, 18 August 2014

A look at Benny, Boats, and a beer in Breege

This is Benny, he is the three wheel van that carries the same name as his owner who also owns the smart little fish takeaway in Breege harbour, Benny is used daily to deliver and pick up the fish for the takeaway when not doing this he generally hangs around the harbour car park. 

Behind Benny are the Breege harbour public toilets and shower facilities. These facilities are used by the docked sailors, fishermen and yacht owners. they are cleverly disguised as a quaint little thatched cottage. 
 Turning to the Harbour itself and looking out across the Jasmunder bodden, moored on the pier are all types and sizes of boats including here depicted the "Phoenix".

 A thatched theme is in evidence all over Breege. Here made to look like a herons nest to attract the attention of passing tourists to a local bicycle hire shop. (The Heron is plastic)

another view over the Jasmunder bodden the one that cost me twelve mosquito bites on the sketchpad holding left hand, still not sure if it was worth the preceding three days of pain.  

 Finally time for a beer.

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