Saturday, 23 August 2014

Beach bums

  A marooned boat on the beach in Binz lets people know where the fishers beach starts beach bar is located a few kilometers back from the pier.

  in the same area of the beach there are always plenty bathers with or without clothes, strolling or lying leisurely around. 


Up the main street of Binz is the well known hotel Loew Hotel which stands as a classic example of “Bäderarchitektur” (bather architecture) with it’s exagerated and spacious balconies built so that, god forbid anyone should get a tan in the late 19th century.

„Strandkörbe“ or beach baskets such as this one speckle the length of Binz beach. In the main belonging to the many Hotels which now line the promenade, they can be rented for the day or weekend for a reasonable price. 

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