Wednesday, 5 April 2017

passing the time in a Dublin A+E

 A twelve hour stint waiting in accident and emergency was not what I had in mind for the weekend. When I arrived at reception I was told that it was very busy and there were 17 ahead of me in the queue.
 As the evening wore on the guy seen sitting in the wheel chair here who had registered at reception at around 10pm was informed there were 36 people ahead of him. He was helping a nephew by refereeing a saturday morning match when his back went. He couldn't walk with the pain, he called an ambulance which he reckons may cost him €700.

Having arrived at 7.30pm Saturday evening and seeing the nurse at 8.15 I was admitted to see the Doctor at 3.00am. I got results of blood tests and an x-ray at 7am Sunday morning. Mean while beside me Jennifer and Gary were on concussion watch and oliver was being resuscitated next door after burning his face and throat with poppers. There but for the grace of god, a debt of gratitude and admiration for all staff of Dublin's A+E services   

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